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Clear Talents helps employers to understand how things like disability, health conditions, religious beliefs, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, cultural backgrounds, caring responsibilities (and many more) can have an impact on an employee’s ability to perform at their best.

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What is Clear Talents?

Clear Talents provides in-depth information, self-help guides and practical suggestions to assist individuals to perform at their best. It also provides employers with guidance and support to efficiently manage the simple changes needed to maximise productivity and minimise risk for people at work.

How does it work?

The process is simple:

Step oneAnyone can have a free account on Clear Talents so that your employer can learn more about you. Once you have an account you’re ready for step two.

Step twoExplore how your circumstances can present challenges for you when communicating with others, using work based equipment like computers, or travelling for work. Find out if your working environment could be altered so you can perform better.

Step threeReceive a report detailing how small changes can improve your working life, with guidance and support to help yourself. Share your report with your employer so that they are aware of your needs.

Step fourYour employer will get all the guidance they need to help you. Clear Talents will encourage your employer to seek specialist guidance if it’s needed and an expert assessment of your particular circumstances can then be requested from your Clear Talents report.

Clear talents is completely free to use for both employees and employers.

Simply create an account and share your report with your manager if you're an employee, or invite an employee to create an account if you're a manager.

Who can use ClearTalents?

Clear Talents can be used by all employees at work, regardless of the size of organisation. This free process will allow you, as an employee or an employer, to discover the benefits of using Clear Talents. A full license for Clear Talents opens up a whole new world of effective management of occupational health and wellbeing as well as health and safety at work.

Why should you use ClearTalents?

Any organisation is legally required to provide a suitable working environment for all of its employees. Most employers don’t have the resource or capacity to understand the needs of every employee and that’s where Clear Talents comes in.

Using Clear Talents allows any organisation to effectively explore the needs of every individual and to manage the delivery of appropriate interventions through self help guidance and escalated case management where required.

Clear Talents will:

Manage compliance risk and optimise wellbeing resource efficiency

Improve productivity and staff retention and reduce sickness absence

Help to attract the most talented and diverse people to your organisation

Develop a more inclusive culture for all employees

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Are you ready to take your company to the next level in managed wellbeing at work?

Mental and physical wellbeing and cultural diversity and inclusion are not just HR responsibilities, they are business imperatives.

Organisations attracting and retaining the very best of diverse talent have to be proactive in their holistic management of health, wellbeing and inclusive culture. With Clear Talents your organisation can achieve that.